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Discover Agriturismo Perla

Our history

Agriturismo Perla is an Agricultural Company located in the territory of Alto Astigiano, precisely in Località Pogliano in Moncucco Torinese.

Moncucco Torinese, known as “door of Monferrato”, is a country rich in history, an agricultural center located on the border between the Basso Monferrato Astigiano and the hill of Turin.

The area was inhabited since ancient times (traces of prehistoric and Roman settlements have been found), but it is with the Middle Ages that Moncucco Torinese was born and developed.

Agriturismo Perla was born  in 2001 in Pogliano, a locality of Moncucco Torinese. In a short time, thanks to Alberto’s agricultural experience and to Franca’s passion for cooking, the farmhouse will soon become known for the genuineness of his dishes, exclusively with the word of mouth of its customers.


Our flavors

Thanks to the experience handed down for generations, dad Alberto has taught his children to become experts trifulau. In this way, Mrs. Franca can let you enjoy her specialties with the black scorzone all year round.

For the white truffle it will be necessary to wait for the seasonal period that goes from October to December.

An important novelty of 2018 was the collection of olives from the Monferrato plants, thanks to which the excellent extra virgin olive oil was produced.